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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ship-Post and old Ship-Postcards Category added

We have added a new category:

Ship-Post  and old Ship-Postcards

We have listed quite a few today, like:

1899: Decorative Litho-postcard with flagship "Deutschland", flags and portrait of prince Henry, the brother of Emperor Wilhelm.

Artist signed Willy Stoewer. Sent 1899 from Dresden to Ruhland. Fine condition.

From 1897 Prince Heinrich commanded several naval task forces; these included, at first, an improvised squadron that took part with the East Asia Squadron in suppressing the unrest in the Chinese region of Kiautschou and then took the port of Qingdao into the possession of the German Empire (1897).

The prince became the first European potentate ever to be received at the Chinese imperial court. In 1899 he became officially the commander of the East Asia Squadron, in 1909, he was promoted to Grand Admiral.

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