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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tianjin Vintage Postcard Yamen Viceroy Lutai Strike

Old Tientsin Postcard
Old Tientsin Postcard

Old Chinese postcard, embossed, depicting the Viceroy's Yaman. At the reverse is a clear Lutai-cancellation. Unused, good condition.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

hina Boxer Uprise Field Post Cover 1900, Scarce Strike

China Boxer Uprise Field Post Cover 1900, Scarce Strike

Boxer Rebellion Cover

Boxer Rebellion Cover

China, December 1900: Field Post cover, sent Tianjin to Strassburg. The sender was Corporal of the „Erste Ostasistischen Feld-Artillerie Regiment, Leichte Feld-Haubitzen....“ „K.D. Feldpostexped. Der Ostasischen Expeditionscorps“ - cancellation on „Leichte Feld-Haubitzen“ – strike. Scarce. Additional text in Arab at reverse. Good condition.

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