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Friday, January 29, 2016

Chinese Empress Dowager 8 Cents on 6 Cents Stamp MNH

Imperial China Stamp Empress Dowager 8 Cents on 6 Cents MNH

Imperial China stamp

Imperial Chinese Post 1897: Empress Dowager stamp from 1894, 6 Cents overprint from 1897, 8 Cents.

Michel Nr. 20 II, Scott# 33, unused, MNH, original gum, good condition.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chinese Stamps Special: Sun Yat Sen Pair of 50 $ as Trail Print

China Republic Stamps Pair of 50 Dollar SYS as Trial Print

Scarce chinese stamp

China Republic Stamps Pair of 50 Dollar SYS as Trial Print China Republic Period: Pair of cut stamps.

Sun Yat Sen 50 Yuan, violet-grey. Broad margins, very good condition.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Scare Chinese Postal History 1945 North East 东川重慶 抗戰勝利纪念

Scare Chinese Postal History 1945 North East Michel Nr. 55B

scarce Chinese cover

Scare Chinese Postal History 1945 North East Michel Nr. 55B

Nord-East China 1945: Military cover with 2 x 50 Yuan stamps 10th anniversary start of war against Japan Hand holding Rifle), Scott: 1L43 A11, Michel Nr. 55B (cut). 

Special cancellation: 东川重慶 抗戰勝利纪念 Dong-chuan Chongqing kang zhan shengli jinian (Remember the triumphantly Dongchuan Chongqing battle (against Japan). 

Imprint at reverse: 中华民国陆海空军副司都示 21,2 x 10,3 cm. Moderate wear due to age.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Germany 1920: Sarre overprinted 80 Pfennig Stamp on Cover

Sarre: Scarce overprinted 80 Pfennig Sarre Stamp on Cover

Scarce overprinted 80 Pfennig Sarre Stamp
Postal History Scarce overprinted Sarre Stamp

Germany / Saar / Sarre: Scarce overprinted 80 Pfennig Stamp on Cover

Scarce 80 Pfennig Germania stamp with Sarre overprint on cover, CTO.

Clean cover from 1920 in good condition.

The upper right corner of the stamp has a minor fault. (It rather seems that its because the paper is slightly uneven than that a tear exists). ( Michel DEM 2,500 after old Michel catalogue).

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Deutsche Seepost Asiatische Hauptlinie f Postcard China Stamp

Deutsche Seepost Asian Line Postcard 1903 to England

Chinese Postal History
Chinese Postal History

Deutsche Seepost: b/w postcard depicting an Egyptian lady hitting the water pipe. Shipped 1903 as postcard by Deutsche Seepost to England.

10 Pfennig Germania stamp with “China” imprint, Deutsche Seepost Asiatische Hauptlinie f 24 7 03 – cancellation.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Republic of China WWII Letter Censored

Republic of China Censored Letter to USA 1942

Chinese Postal History

Fuzhou China, Republic Period, World War 2: Strip of 4 Sun Yatsen 10 Cent stamps, tied by bilingual MINROW – FOOCHOW 1942. (福州闽侯县)

Sent to California, USA. Opened and resealed by Censor, C. 255

Some wear, a part at upper right side is missing due to rough opening..

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Friday, January 08, 2016

Old Siam Postcard shipped by German Cruiser Hertha 1902

Siam Postcard as German Ship Post Cruiser Hertha

Siam Postal History
Siam Postal History

Thailand, Siam: Vintage postcard with impressive temple.

Attached is a German 5 Pfennig Germania stamp, tied by a ship post cancellation: „Kais. Deutsche Marine Schiffspost No, 39 17. 1. 02“ Good condition.

This vessel, SMS Hertha, was a protected cruiser of the Victoria Louise class, built for the German Imperial Navy (Kaiserliche Marine) in the 1890s. Hertha served abroad in the German East Asia Squadron for the first six years of her career; she served briefly as the Squadron flagship in 1900. She contributed a landing party to the force that captured the Taku Forts during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900.

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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Old Singapore Postal History 3 Postcards and 1 Aerogram

Singapore Postal History Lot of 4

Singapore Postal History

Postal History Singapore Lot of 4 Postcards and Aerogram Singapore 3 Postcards 1905, 1932, 1948 and an aerogram as small lot of Singapore postal history.

The postcards depict Collyer Quay, Hong Kong Night and St. Andrews Cathedral. Different stamps and cancellations. 2 have been sent to Austria, one to India. The aerogram is from the University of Singapore.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

WWII German Inselpost Greece Agram Imprint Letter 1945

WWII German Inselpost Greece Agram Imprint Letter 1945

Inselpost cover WWII

WWII, German fieldpost stamp #2 with dark-blue imprint INSELPOST. Michel #10 b 1. Imprint 36 degrees.

Sent as fieldpost to Wien. Altheide Bad Kr. Glatz 7. 4. 45 – cancellation. Decorative sealing stamp. Good condition.

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Monday, January 04, 2016

Rocket Mail by Schmiedle: Commemorative postal card V7

Rocket Flight V7 Postcard with Vignette, Schmiedl

Rocket Flight V7 Postcard

Rocket Mail : Commemorative postal card V7, Start 12.2.1971. Typed text: “”V7”....1971 “APOLLO 14” ON WAY TO MOON”.

Nr. 20 of 30 postal cards only. Signed by Schmiedl at the upper left corner. Graz-Kroisbach arrival-strike. Very good condition.

The Austrian engineer Friedrich Schmiedl fired the world’s first postal rocket on 2nd February 1931 which transported 100 letters from Schoeckel to Sankt Radegund. He began with what he called 'regular mail service' in September 1931 with launch of his G1 rocket from Hochtroetsch to Semriach.

Schmiedl dreamed of using enormous rockets to transport long-range mail from Vienna to Budapest and Graz to Budapest, or to deliver mail to remote oases in North Africa. But the Austrian Post office obtained a law prohibiting further rocket mail activities in 1934, followed by a general government ban on private rocket development in 1935.

After the second world war began, he destroyed his rocket work, not wanting it to be used for military purposes. Similarly he refused an offer after the war to go to the United States and conduct further rocket research.

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